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President Greeting

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President Greeting

Welcome to

Sumitomo Corporation Korea has been growing with the Korean economy since 1963 when the Seoul branch of Sumitomo Corporation was opened, and continuing in 1997 when this Korean branch became an independent corporation. Sumitomo Corporation Korea is a global trading company that is a major part of the overseas strategy of Sumitomo Corporation, a corporation with a 400-year history. Sumitomo is also a Korean corporation, and has been contributing to Korea’s economic development through the export of Korean products the import of resources and all types of materials, in the steel, chemicals, resource energy and machinery sectors.

In recent years, we have been pursuing joint development with Korean corporations, through which we have strengthened partnerships in the resource development field as a bridge between Korea and Japan, two countries that suffer from a lack of natural resources, while supporting the globalization of Korean corporations.

In the future, when even more rapid changes are anticipated, Sumitomo Corporation Korea wants to suggest a business plan that takes a wider view based on the solid business of the broad global network of the Sumitomo corporation, and the reliability we have developed over our years of operation, to respond to the changes in the business environment and cope with the diverse demands of our clients. We also want to show the ability of Sumitomo Corporation to work strategically, smoothly and precisely.

Filled with vitality, Sumitomo Corporation Korea is proud to be part of a global corporation that can contribute to realizing dreams and prosperity. We ask for your continued support in the future.